About us

Frerotech was started in 2001 by Roel Baars and Freek Sensen. Both are experienced

toolmakers with ample technical and CNC experience. Both also have a positive drive and

vision about the company.

The company started at the time with two treatment centres: one 5-shaft machine and one 3-shaft machine. It was decided at the very start of Frerotech to control the machines by means of CAD – CAM. Frerotech soon became a frequently asked supplier in the field of various mould applications, and also for the manufacture of mechanical components.
Complex 5-shaft parts are products for which there is a great demand, and we are the right supplier of these products.

Over the years Frerotech has developed into a mature company which has spread its core business over several fields, with a substantial number of machines consisting at this moment of six CNC Hermle treatment stations. The team of Frerotech includes 10 specialists: CNC millers and programmers, quality managers and engineers.

Frerotech has developed a special expertise in the field of designing and building thermoforming moulds. We have built up our know-how in this field over a period of 20 years. The moulds and trimtools which we build are used and appreciated all over the world.
The company is equipped with a climate-controlled measuring room.

We like to exchange ideas with our (future) customers. This will result eventually in a good end product.